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The Seven Sisters

Once upon a time, there were seven sisters who lived in San Luis Obispo County. No, not actual sisters, but rather seven volcanic peaks that looked like sisters. You might have heard of them - they're called the Seven Sisters. Now, these sisters had quite the reputation around town. People would often talk about them in hushed tones, as if they had a life of their own. And who knows, maybe they did. After all, they were over 20 million years old - they had seen some things. The sisters had their own personalities, too. There was Big Sister, who was the tallest of the bunch and always stood tall and proud. Then there was Middle Sister, who was the peacemaker and mediator between the other sisters. Little Sister was the youngest, and she had a bit of a rebellious streak. But don't be fooled by their sweet-sounding names. These sisters could be quite the troublemakers. They would often cause mischief around the county, playing pranks on unsuspecting tourists and locals alike. One time, they even convinced a group of hikers that they were actually volcanoes and were about to erupt at any moment. Needless to say, the hikers ran for the hills (literally).

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